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27 Feb 2023
Chelsea and Vasco da Gama are closing in on agreement for Andrey Santos loan after deal collapsed with Palmeiras, it’s almost done 🚨🔵🇧🇷 #CFC  Vasco accept Chelsea key condition for Andrey to play U20 World Cup — he will return to London in July.  Medicals will take place soon.

Chelsea and Vasco da Gama are closing in on agreement for Andrey Santos loan after deal collapsed with Palmeiras, it’s almost done 🚨🔵🇧🇷 #CFC Vasco accept Chelsea key condition for Andrey to play U20 World Cup — he will return to London in July. Medicals will take place soon.

27 Feb 2023
🦁🇸🇪 Zlatan Ibrahimović made his first appearance of 2022/23 season tonight after long injury — fair to remind he’s 41 years old, born October 1981.  “I suffered a lot but I’m back, I feel very good now. I’m not here to play 5-6 mins, I want to play the whole game”, Zlatan says.

🦁🇸🇪 Zlatan Ibrahimović made his first appearance of 2022/23 season tonight after long injury — fair to remind he’s 41 years old, born October 1981. “I suffered a lot but I’m back, I feel very good now. I’m not here to play 5-6 mins, I want to play the whole game”, Zlatan says.

27 Feb 2023
Bad news for Paris Saint-Germain as Presnel Kimpembé will be out until the end of the season, says Christophe Galtier 🚨🔴🔵 #PSG  One more serious injury for PSG this season.

Bad news for Paris Saint-Germain as Presnel Kimpembé will be out until the end of the season, says Christophe Galtier 🚨🔴🔵 #PSG One more serious injury for PSG this season.

25 Feb 2023




1. Nigeria as a nation had gone through diverse challenges. The nation started nose-diving since the second republic (1979-1983). The introduction of Structural Adjustments Program (SAP) in 1986 by Babangida administration inflicted much pain on Nigeria. There was no serious economic recovery till we entered the 3rd republic that was aborted by Abacha's junta palace coup which culminated in the death of MKO Abiola - the acclaimed winner of June 12, 1993 election.

2. The suffering of the masses continued even when this republic started in 1999. President Olusegun Obasanjo did what was considered to be his best. He handed over to Yaraduah, the man from Katsina state had good intention but death stopped him midway into his tenure. And from that time up till now the situation was not less than chaotic.

3. President Goodluck Jonathan who came to the throne by accident was seen as a weakling to the point that his administration was bedeviled with a lot weaknesses especially in the aspect of fighting corruption within the system and insecurity. Nigeria and Nigerians needed a new lease of life. 

4. Under Jonathan's watch, the church was beginning to feel the heat of persecution from the insurgence. Jonathan was seen as a weak leader who could not attend to the multifaceted problems confronting the nation then. 

5. It was as a result of this that Bola Ammed Tinubu sold the dummy of having the legacy parties coming together with the sole aim of wrestling power from Jonathan to the nation. Legacy parties were: ACN, CPC, ANPP and APGA. Tinubu capitalized on the fact that Nigerians were desperately in need of change. His newly formed party then came with the mantra of CHANGE. And actually that was what our nation needed then to come out of the quagmire that we found ourselves.

6. Unfortunately, 8 years down the line it was like jumping from frying pan to fire. Our economy remain comatose, the church lost her voice, many christians were either killed by Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram. The security situation is worse today than it was before the advent of Buhari administration.


7. We have 3 leading presidential aspirants. We have prayed and fasted crying to God to have mercy on us and on our land. Now, God has brought us opportunity to choose among the 3 leading aspirants. Which way should we go?

8. The parties on their own did not help by the kind of choices they presented to us. I in my opinion was thinking that looking at the situation on ground, the matter of rotation of the presidency and the need to have a vibrant leader at least for the first time in our history. APC could have given us PYO from the South West and PDP also could have given us PO from the South East. Unfortunately this was not to be. APC presented to Nigerians someone considered to be relatively old, weary and tired. While PDP gave to us another Fulani whose credential is difficult to sell to the South West especially considering the suffering we had gone through in the hand of his tribesmen. APC complicated their own matter with Muslim-muslim ticket. Then, which way Nigeria?

9. PO pulled out from PDP and capitalized on the fact that the youths are tired of the present situation in the land. Unfortunately, he also made error of turning his campaign to a youth and religious movement making Muslims in the country having a feeling that this one may be coming on a revenge mission. That was Obi's albatross that makes him a hard to sell commodity in the Muslim dominated Northern part of the country. Yet, he needs their vote to become the president.

10. Pastors and leading key ministers complicated the matter for the church by openly predicting who will win the election. Many of them claimed that God spoke to them. Yet we know that our God is not an author of confusion. Abi, how can God be telling one prophet that Atiku is his choice and telling another that Tinubu is the Cyrus of our time that he will use to deliver the land and at the same time, that same God telling yet another prophet that Obi is the Moses that God has anointed to deliver our modern day "Israelites"? Habba ! Is this not a house of confusion?

11. Looking at the precarious situation that the church found herself my heart bleeds. Yet, the church must go and vote.


12. Since it seems that there is a bit of confusion among the church leaders and there are prophecies and counter prophecies, *I recommend that you go and vote according to your conscience and pray that the will of God be done ultimately.* That is my recommendation for you.

13. If you now try to ask me further - Pastor who are you going to vote for?

My straight answer is that *I WILL VOTE IN DEFENSE OF MY FAITH.* 

14. If you asked me to explain further, my response and counsel is to list the candidates in order of preference as I see them in my personal opinion:

1. Peter Obi- Simply because of the semblance of standing in defense of Christian faith.

II. Atiku Abubakar- Simply because he is not known to be a religious extremist.

III. Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso - Not known to be a religious extremist as well.

15. Then, if you asked me, what about Bola Ahmed Tinubu? 

Well, because I am human, BAT is completely out of the equation. I find it difficult to comprehend having a president in Aso Rock with MM ticket in this 21st century of Nigeria. He can be, but certainly my finger will not be counted as one of the fingers that brought him there considering the experience of the church in Nigeria in recent years.

16. The next question you're likely to ask me is what if he is the choice of God?

17. My response then will be "PRAISE GOD". Why? Because our God rules and reigns in the affairs of men. Dan. 4:17.

18. I will accept the decision of God as final even with joy. If I have opportunity to congratulate him, I will do it without any reservation.

19. As a matter of fact, this will not be my first experience. I didn't vote for Buhari in 2015, neither did I vote for him in 2019. Yet, heaven knows that I prayed for him and his administration to succeed within the little space that God has given me. So, if BAT won the election, the church must accept the outcome of the election because no man gets to the throne without the help of God.Rom. 13:1-3.


20. Each of us must go out and perform our civic duty allowing God to help us in our decision. We should then return to our homes peacefully and continue to pray as we await the outcome of the election. Whatever be the outcome, the name of the Lord shall be praised.

21. Thanks for your time.

22. God bless you.

 *John A. Oyelade.*

(¢) February 2023

18 Oct 2022
8 Sep 2022

Do well to visit our blog 

Do well to visit our blog.

Always be online for giveaway and answer questions under each story to earn a gift and join all our social media channel.

3 Sep 2022

Dunsin Oyekan,  Survives Ghastly Accident 

This can only be God

Dunsin Oyekan Survives Ghastly Accident 

We thank God 🙏

2 Sep 2022

Do You Know This Tribe Removes Dead From Their Coffins Every 3 Years To Bath And Redress Them

Culture is one of the foundations of humanity that helps a society thrive. Culture varies from one part of the world to another and from one society to another.

With culture, it is a case of one man’s meat being another man’s poison. simply put it that what applies to one society will probably be absurd or a taboo to another.

Thus the Ma’nene practise by the toraja people of Indonesia done every 3 years in honour of the dead becomes the line of thought.

The Tana Toraja (Land of Toraja) is habited by an Indigenous ethnic group residing on the mountains of Salawesi in Indonesia.

The toraja people are quite distinct for their traditional culture of cleaning corpses called Ma’nene festival (the ceremony of cleaning corpses).

This culture entails that the toraja people dig up the body of a dead relative and then clean them, leave the body to dry, then the bodies are nicely dressed.

This culture goes on with family members saving up money for a decent burial ceremony because it is an important aspect for torajan people of Indonesia.

In other cases, the bodies of recently deceased are kept at homes and preserved by family members pending when they are financially equipped to perform a proper funeral.

The Torajans belleve that during the wait period, the spirit lingers and only finds rest in Puya (land of the spirits) when a funeral ceremony takes place.

This might seem hard to take in but the age old practice of over hundreds of years is believed to have come from the mythical tale of a hunter named Pong Rumasek, who was walking in the mountains and found a dead body in the torojan mountains.

The hunter then cares for the body and dresses it with his own clothes, this act supposedly brought him good fortunes.

And that is how the practices have lived on however the intention behind the strange practice is to bond with the dead.

This Manene tradition may seem like doing the weekend cleanup, but this time it is for the dead.

As much as the corpses are dressed up, the coffins are changed and in the ritual, the bodies are paraded round the community where they once lived following a straight path.

The straight path symbolically means that they can spiritually connect to Hyang: a spiritual being believed to move in straight lines.

Even though the practice is as odd as it may seem it is only a more extended version of death memorials that many societies practice.

20 Aug 2022

Adegbola Mojetijesu Testimony 

20 Years ago, you came out of a woman's womb to see how this earth was progressing, you did everything you could do for me as your younger brother 😹 though sometimes we fight sometimes i keep malice sometimes i tell your secrets, with all these you're still the best brother you could be🥰  Thank you very much, I love you. Like seriously i have a lot say but we thank God Have a nice day and a wonderful celebration ❤️

13 Aug 2022
13 Aug 2022

Kiss Daniel refused to perform because the airline did not bring his gold chain - Show promoter explains why he got the singer arrested (video)

The promoter of the Tanzanian show Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel failed to perform at has shared his own version of what transpired.

 Kizz Daniel was arrested by the Tanzanian police earlier today after he failed to perform on a show on Sunday, August 7, after being paid.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, the show promoter who gave his name as Stephen Uwa, said Kizz Daniel refused to perform because the airline failed to bring his bag containing his gold chains and insisted he will not perform without wearing all his gold chains.

''He said the airline didn't bring his bag that is why he cannot perform because his gold chain is not there and he had a gold chain on his neck. He wanted everything.''

Uwa said he spent nothing less than $300, 000 on the show including $60,000 to Kizz Daniel as performance fee, however, the singer flopped everything. He said he was on his knees weeping and begging Kizz Daniel to perform but he refused.

''My company is new here. PaulO is the one I booked Kizz from. PaulO cried all night trying to beg this guy 'Please go to this show', he called in from America!

I paid this guy $60, 000 to perform on this show . I went down on my knees. I was like 'Bro, you are damaging me. I am trying to build my company here. You are going to damage me'. I begged this guy 'Save my career, save me''. I was on the table with Kizz Daniel for like five hours begging him, kneeling for him''

Stephen said the whole venue was damaged as the angry fans destroyed some of the items brought in by the sponsors of the show.  

13 Aug 2022

NASA Should Have Looked TWICE Before Releasing These Images to The Public

Despite the fact there is ample evidence mankind has landed on the moon in the Apollo missions, there are still many who refuse to believe this is a fact.

In order to put an end to this ‘worldwide’ conspiracy—yup, apparently there’s still one—NASA has decided to release thousands of unedited images belonging to the Apollo missions that took place between 1961 and 1972.

This otherworldly collection—which includes more than 13,000 high-quality images—photographed by various astronauts who participated in the Apollo missions shows us an entirely different view of the moon landing. Scratch that, the entire space race.

However, while these images are fresh, beautiful, and unlike any other photographs ever seen from the Apollo missions, UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists believe NASA made a huge mistake by allowing the images to be released to the public.

13 Aug 2022


While waiting for KWASU pre admission screening form for 2022/2023 academic session to be out, Il advise all aspirants to get all the required documents for the screening form application in order to not delay your registration

Below are the required documents for the screening form application

👉🏽A scanned copy of citizenship certificate (Kwara State Indigenes)

👉🏽A scanned copy of birth certificate/ Age Declaration (All Applicants)

👉🏽A scanned copy of O'level Result(s) (All Applicants)

Olevel Result Checker Card(s) (All Applicants)

👉🏽A scanned copy of A'level Result (DE Applicants)

👉🏽A scanned copy of JAMB change of institution slip (Applicants who changed their first choice to KWASU)

👉🏽A passport (All Applicants)

👉🏽Student signature (All Applicants)

All aspirants should also avoid anything that can hinder their admission I go the world class university.


By Darasimi Adegbola 

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